What new land use districts are proposed for the Ruisseau neighbourhood, and why?

The parcel is currently zoned Agricultural Holdings (AH) district. This land use district is intended to support rural agricultural activities before the land transitions to urban development. It permits a limited number of mainly agricultural and rural residential uses. In order to allow for the development of a school and a public park, redistricting is required. As part of the agreement with the landowner, the City is taking this opportunity to redistrict the rest of the neighbourhood through the same process, so that it can be completed in the future according to the Ruisseau Outline Plan.

The Integrated Neighbourhood (IN) district is proposed for the school/park site. This is the land-use district that is used for all other school sites in Beaumont, except for École Beau Meadow School. It includes building design and site layout standards that are appropriate for a school.

The Conventional Neighbourhood (CN) district is proposed for the remainder of the Ruisseau neighbourhood. This district is used for all other established residential areas in the City outside of the inner ring road. It is intended to support lower density forms of residential development similar to what currently exists in Beaumont.

For more information on each of these land-use districts, please see Our Zoning Blueprint: Beaumont Land Use Bylaw 944-19 and the Land Use Districts Map.

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4. What new land use districts are proposed for the Ruisseau neighbourhood, and why?
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