What will be the impact of the school on nearby residents?

The City’s development standards and approval process are intended to minimize the potential visual and traffic impacts of the school. The school building height, design, location and landscaping will need to meet the requirements set out in Beaumont’s Land Use Bylaw 944-19, and the building’s appearance must conform to the Beaumont Urban Design Guidelines for institutional buildings. As the school will be developed with direct access to a major collector road (66 Street) and an arterial road (Range Road 243), traffic impacts on residential streets in the area are unlikely. However, the potential traffic flows and roadway requirements will be studied in detail as part of the site development process, and the site will be designed to minimize impacts.

Additionally, like others in Beaumont, this school/park site will be designed to support public access to open space. Our Places and Play, the City’s recreation, parks and facilities master plan, as well as the Open Space and Trails Master Plan, provide guidance on the type of park space to be considered and how public access and trails will be incorporated.

In practice, this means the building will be located close to 66 Street, and the schoolyard will be located next to Four Seasons Park, with shared-use pathway access through the site.

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2. What will be the impact of the school on nearby residents?
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