How does ELA work? What technology does ELA use?

ELA operates mainly with two systems, navigation and safety. The primary operating method is navigation, which makes use of Light Detection and Ranging Sensors (LiDAR) sensors and advanced GPS corrections. The safety systems are composed of different types of sensors that create a buffer area, 360 degrees around the vehicle to regulate the safety based on things such as speed, the direction of travel, and object size. Additionally, a 4G network is used to transfer general vehicle data. The unit is 100% electric with a battery life of up to 14 hours; it can be recharged overnight.

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1. What does ELA stand for?
2. Is ELA safe?
3. How does ELA work? What technology does ELA use?
4. How fast does ELA drive?
5. Has ELA ever gotten into an accident?
6. How do people ride in ELA? Do they sit or stand?
7. How does ELA respond if there is an emergency vehicle approaching her on the road?
8. Is the operation of ELA integrated with our City’s emergency response services?
9. If ELA is fully autonomous, why does she require a certified Operator to be onboard at all times?
10. What happens to ELA’s route in the event of emergency vehicles travelling down 50th Street where ELA’s route is?
11. How does ELA operate in bad weather?
12. Who do we call if there are questions about ELA?
13. Where to direct questions, general enquiries or safety concerns?
14. Can the public take a trip in ELA?
15. Is there a charge to ride ELA?
16. Will ELA have an attendant?
17. Is ELA handicapped-friendly?
18. Can children and youth ride ELA by themselves?
19. When can I take the ELA shuttle?