Why is the City of Beaumont interested in electric autonomous vehicle technology?

Autonomous vehicles are increasingly showing up around the world, such as in Europe. Here in Canada, we’re seeing them used in the oil sands. Winnipeg has just started testing autonomous snow plows at its airport to clear its runways. In the capital region, the City of Edmonton projects that they could see autonomous public transportation in as soon as 10 to 15 years.

But what has not been done yet in Canada is studying how we – as citizens – react, interact and respond to autonomous vehicles. With Beaumont being Canada’s first city to pilot the integration of ELA into mixed-use traffic scenarios that encompass traffic signalling and human interaction, it is exciting progress to see how this technology can impact our everyday lives and how it can potentially build connectivity with the region.

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1. What is the Autonomous Shuttle Pilot Project in Beaumont?
2. Why is the City of Beaumont interested in electric autonomous vehicle technology?
3. Why was the City of Beaumont interested in this autonomous shuttle pilot project?
4. But there have been other ELA deployments in Canada. What makes the deployment in Beaumont a first in Canada?
5. Will our residential property taxes increase due to this pilot project?
6. Is there a possibility of ELA becoming a permanent public transportation option in Beaumont?
7. How does this pilot project benefit the City of Beaumont and its residents?
8. Are there other benefits this pilot project provides to the region and beyond?
9. Was there a cost to the City of Beaumont for this pilot project?
10. Why was public engagement not conducted before this pilot project was approved by the Council?
11. What happens after the six-month pilot project?