What is the Municipal Development Plan?

A Municipal Development Plan is a statutory planning document that sets out a clear vision for our community’s future and serves as an important decision-making tool for Council, Administration and all stakeholders. It’s the primary document that guides the future development and growth for the entire community.

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1. Does Beaumont have a ban on drive-thrus?
2. What is the Centre-Ville District in Beaumont?
3. Why would we not allow drive-thrus in the Centre-Ville District?
4. Does Beaumont allow for drive-thrus everywhere else in the community?
5. I heard Beaumont has specific rules around drive-thru speakers? What is this about?
6. Beaumont is making changes to its Land Use Bylaw. With the upcoming changes to the Beaumont Land Use Bylaw are there any changes around drive-thrus being proposed?
7. What is the Municipal Development Plan?
8. How can I ask more questions or get more information?