How do I know if the products being used are safe to humans and pets?
Only compounds that have been pre-approved by Health Canada will be considered for use and preference will be given to those herbicides that have low residual levels so as to minimize any impacts on the area. Studies conducted by Health Canada are very comprehensive and all pesticides being used have been deemed safe for both humans and the environment. Best Management Practices will also be followed, which encourage pesticide users to spot spray problem populations rather than blanket spray a large area. See below for the names of the compounds being used.
Many municipalities in the Capital Region support pesticide use when it is deemed necessary. The City of Leduc, Strathcona County, the City of Spruce Grove and the City of Fort Saskatchewan are just a few examples of municipalities who actively use chemicals to control and eliminate the presence of pests where mechanical and biological control methods have failed.

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1. Why is Beaumont spraying to control weeds and Sawfly larvae?
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4. How do I know if the products being used are safe to humans and pets?
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