Indoor Skating at BSRC

Indoor Skating Updates

This season, enjoy indoor public skating at the Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre! 

Follow this link for the public skating schedule.

Rules and Regulations for using the indoor rink at the BSRC.

Arena Rules

  • A proof of payment wristband is required to enter the Arena and can be purchased/obtained at the Guest Services desk (BSRC only).
  • Food or beverages other than water bottles are not allowed on the ice at any time. Glass containers are not allowed in the change rooms or other arena areas.
  • No spitting.
  • Everyone 12 and under must wear a helmet. Helmets are strongly advised for all ages.
  • During Stick & Puck, participants 17 years and under must wear full hockey equipment. 
  • Sticks and Pucks are not permitted during public skate time.
  • Only participants wearing skates can go out on to the ice surface.
  • Turn off cell phones, PDAs, cameras, and other recording devices when using change rooms or washrooms. Taking pictures or video within the locker rooms, change rooms, and washroom is prohibited and is against the law (Section 162 of the Canadian Criminal Code).
  • Do not leave sports bags or equipment unattended. We recommend that you do not bring valuables into the facility.
  • Children 7 years or younger must be actively supervised by a responsible person aged 14 years or older.
  • All clothing must be:
    • Clean and free of odors that may impact the experience of other users.
    • Free of inappropriate/offensive graphics or language.
    • Appropriate to the fitness/recreation environment being used, and not be overly revealing
  • Torches, heat guns, and portable skate sharpeners are not allowed in the facility.
  • Do not open gates or come out onto the ice until the Zamboni is off the ice and the arena operator is finished. Please wait for the arena operator to give you permission before going out onto the ice.
  • Do not climb onto rink boards, glass, or spectator safety netting.
  • Damaged ice can be dangerous to skaters. Vary your skate routines to prevent damaging the ice surface with ruts or gouges. Chips or hole should be patched immediately.
  • Any kind of debris left on the ice can be dangerous to skaters. Please keep garbage off the ice, and pick up all pieces of broken hockey or ringette sticks.
  • Report any vandalism, faulty equipment, or problems with ice surface to facility staff.
  • Possession and/or consumption of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited in all change rooms and sport surfaces.