Off-Site Levies

Off-site levies are a tool provided for in the Municipal Government Act that enables municipalities to capture the costs of growth for new infrastructure, such as transportation, water and sanitary infrastructure. The off-site levy will be imposed on each hectare of land within the City at the time such land receives subdivision approval or on the date of issuance of a development permit. 

All developable land will be subject to off-site levies, excluding those portions of developable land that are designated as, environmental reserve, municipal reserve, or arterial road right of way.

Developable land is defined as land:

  • Upon which development takes place after the date of passing of the bylaw; or 
  • For which subdivision approval is obtained after the date of passing of this bylaw; excluding all developed land.

Developed Land is defined as all land upon which development or subdivision has taken place prior to the date of passing of this Bylaw and in respect of which an Off-site Levy for the same category of infrastructure has been collected.