Air quality monitoring in Beaumont

Beaumont is now part of the Alberta Capital Airshed!

Beaumont became a member of the Alberta Capital Airshed (ACA) in December 2021. The ACA focuses on collecting and sharing information about outdoor air quality in the Alberta Capital Region.  

A livable, vibrant, healthy community for all includes clean air. Our ACA membership gives us the capacity to monitor air quality in Beaumont and will help us with data-driven planning and policy decisions going forward. The ACA will have multiple air quality monitors in Beaumont, with the potential to add more as required: 

  • one in Four Seasons Park (already installed)
  • one on the exterior of Beaumont City Hall (coming soon)

Ongoing monitoring and measurement of air quality parameters related to health are best practice for a municipality of our size and critical for proactive and responsible environmental management.

Passive air quality data for Beaumont is available on the ACA’s website, and includes data on nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which are key components in the assessment of air quality in relation to health. Real-time data on fine particulate matter will be available on the ACA website in mid-2022. 

For more information or questions about air quality in Beaumont, email

ACA Beaumont air quality monitor Four Seasons - web