Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

We’ve all been there: in a well-used, well-maintained public place that feels safe and welcoming—or in one that feels dark, hidden, and uncomfortable. Did you know there’s an area of planning and design that focuses on factors that make public spaces safe or unsafe? It’s called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED, pronounced SEP-ted). It looks at how design elements such as lighting, landscaping, benches, and windows influence our safety and comfort level in public areas.

Beaumont is developing CPTED guidelines to ensure our parks, buildings, and other public spaces incorporate best practices in designing for safety. These guidelines will build on our current policies, including our statutory land use plans and the Beaumont Urban Design Guidelines, to provide more direction to the planners and developers creating inviting public spaces. The guidelines are expected to be complete in summer 2022.

We want to hear what you think!

Where in Beaumont do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, and why? As part of our Winter City Strategy engagement activities, you’ll find CPTED-oriented questions asking for your thoughts on safety and comfort in public places throughout the year.

From November 13-21, 2021, we asked residents to visit our feedback boards, located throughout Beaumont. These results will be compiled and used to infrm the project and its priorities.

Interested in how CPTED can help make your property safer? Check out these resources from the RCMP with practical tips you can apply at your home or business.