2021 Municipal Election Results

The new Mayor and Council will be sworn in on October 25, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. View the Swearing In Ceremony and Inaugural Meeting here.

Mayor Results

Candidate  Vote  Total Elected
Daneluik, Bill 2267 Yes
Erismann, Rodney 108 No
Hubert, Coreina 159 No
Stewart, John* 968 No
Yardley, Chantal 995 No

 * Incumbent

City Councillor Results

Candidate Vote Total Elected
Barnhart, Kathy* 2104 Yes
McCook, Catherine 1870 Yes
Miller, Ashley 2597 Yes
Munckhof-Swain, Sam* 2216 Yes
Tessier, Rene 2418 Yes
vanNieuwkerk, Steven* 1984 Yes
Hamilton, David 636 No
Hart, Jason 1036 No
Hendriks, Perry* 1620 No
Khular, Nam 946 No
Penrod, Philip 1337 No
Saroya, Karunesh 815 No
Sharma, Yash 546 No
Sran, Gary 749 No
Stout, Martin* 1444 No

 * Incumbent

School Board Results

Trustee election results for STAR Catholic Schools and Black Gold School Division are available on their websites.