Winter City Strategy

Winter is a part of life in Beaumont. It’s a season that is met with a variety of feelings. It is both celebrated and dreaded, and oftentimes we find ourselves somewhere in between. However, as a city, we can learn to embrace and love winter. When we fully integrate winter into the planning and design process, long, dark nights can become canvases for creative lighting, cold days are opportunities for gathering around fires to enjoy a hot chocolate, and freshly fallen snow leads to a fun day of tobogganing and skiing. A city that chooses to actively embrace winter finds ways to make the season accessible and enjoyable, giving residents a reason to leave the comfort of home and explore their community.

The Beaumont Winter City Strategy seeks to change Beaumont’s relationship with winter, making it a foundational and celebrated aspect of the community’s identity. In this strategy are objectives, action items, ideas, and best practices to equip our community and provide guidance to transform Beaumont’s winter experience. This document is for the entire community, including City staff, officials, businesses, community groups, and residents. Over the years, as this strategy is implemented, we will work together to make winter in Beaumont vibrant and accessible for everyone.