Winter City Strategy

Love it or not, we get plenty of winter in Beaumont. The snow, ice, cold temperatures, and long nights can be challenges, but also opportunities to develop distinctive winter living.

Beaumont is preparing a Winter City Strategy to improve winter activities, infrastructure and public places. The goal of the strategy is to foster a winter environment that is more comfortable, enjoyable and safe for all residents of Beaumont. The strategy is currently under development and is expected to be complete in summer 2022.

Public engagement rounds 1 and 2 now complete

Thank you, Beaumont, for helping us create the Winter City Strategy! Last fall, we asked what was important to you in winter, what made winter in Beaumont great, and what can make it better. More than 100 of you responded! To see what we heard, you can read the report here.

We’ve taken what we’ve heard, along with our research findings, to create four key areas that the strategy will focus on. Each of these key areas has big ideas that will guide the creation of this plan.

In February 2022, we gave away Winter City prizes at the annual Beaumont Family Day event and sought your input to help us write the objectives and actions items for the strategy, which will ultimately help make winter in Beaumont more enjoyable for everyone. 

Next steps include compiling the feedback from round 2 engagement into an upcoming What We Heard Report and drafting a Winter City Strategy for consideration by City Council.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Public engagement on the Winter City Strategy is being coordinated with engagement for the CPTED Guidelines Project.