On-Demand Transit

On-Demand Transit is a local service that could allow riders to have the opportunity to book trips in advance. This is achieved through the use of an app (typically via a mobile application). Designated pick-up and drop-off locations (ie. via a local bus stop) are utilized. Often, these services will even connect riders to other longer-distance transit routes in the area. 

As we move towards gauging the responses and desire for such a service here in Beaumont, more details will become available. Part of that is making sure that we have feedback from our community to ensure the best possible action is taken in regards to potentially implementing an On-Demand Transit Service. Check out our On-Demand Transit Survey below to help voice your feedback today! 

**NOTE** At this time Transit Services are still on hold due to COVID, but we are working towards re-launching services in August. Full updates can be found HERE.

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This survey (July 26 - Aug 31) is considering the community's future needs when it comes to transit services. If you are a Beaumont resident, we would love to hear from you. All feedback provided will help us make the appropriate decisions when putting together our On-Demand Transit service.