Development Agreements

When a subdivision is approved by the Subdivision Authority or development permit is approved by the Development Authority, approval may include a condition that requires the applicant to enter into a Development Agreement with the City.

The Development Agreement is a legal agreement that ensures:

  • Development is constructed in accordance with City of Beaumont standards;
  • The Developer pays for the development’s share of the infrastructure that it will benefit from; and
  • The municipality has secured applicable insurance and securities from the Developer when work on existing or new municipal improvements occur. 

The following process outlines the steps for executing a Development Agreement for the development of a subdivision. For information on executing a Development Agreement for a Development Permit (for a comprehensive commercial or multi-family site) please contact for more information.

The Development Agreement process 

  1. Conditional subdivision is approved by the Subdivision Authority or development permit is approved by the Development Authority and conditions require the applicant to enter into a development agreement with the City.
  2. Developer submits Application for Development Agreement Request and applicable fee to the City at
  3. The City begins to prepare the development agreement and confirm the Developer’s categorization, as per the City’s Security Guidelines. The City’s standard Development Agreement templates are provided below.  
  4. Developer submits engineering drawings to in accordance with the City’s General Design Standards
  5. The City begins reviewing engineering drawings for approval. First review of engineering drawings can take up to six weeks to complete, with timelines varying depending on the project and quality of the submission. Multiple iterations of review may be necessary, depending on whether the City must request changes or clarifying information.
  6. Engineering drawings are approved. 
  7. Draft Schedule “F” – Securities is provided by the Developer for City’s Engineering Services to review and approve. 
  8. The City starts the two-week internal circulation process of the Draft Development Agreement.
  9. The City will provide the applicant with tentative amounts owing for securities and off-site levies. The amounts provided are subject to change through the Draft Development Agreement review process and will be considered official once the Development Agreement is executed.
  10. The Draft Development Agreement is provided to the applicant for review. The applicant has up to 10 working days to complete their review in full and provide written confirmation to the City that the Development Agreement can proceed to next steps.
  11. The City will sign and seal two copies of the Development Agreement. 
  12. The City will send two signed and sealed copies of the Development Agreement to the Developer to sign and seal. 
  13. The applicant sends one signed and sealed copy of the Development Agreement back to the City.
  14. The Development Agreement is now executed. It will be registered on the parent parcel and all newly created titles.
  15. In order for construction to commence, the Developer must provide the applicable securities, Certificate of Insurance, and meet any other conditions or requirements outlined in the conditional subdivision or development permit approval and Development Agreement. 
  16. Work must proceed in accordance with the Development Agreement.

Please see City of Beaumont Security Guidelines for more information on securities categorization for Development Agreements. 

For more information regarding the development agreement process and what to expect, please contact

Application for Development Agreement Request

Development Agreement Template (Category A)

Development Agreement Template (Category B)

Development Agreement Template (Category C)

Development Agreement Template (Category D)

Beaumont's General Design Standards

Security Guidelines

Schedule “A” – Letter of Credit Requirements

Schedule “B” – Development Bond Requirements 

Schedule “D” – Other Municipality Reference Form

Schedule “E” – Extension Application Form

Schedule "F" - Securities Template Form