Development Agreements

If you are subdividing a large parcel, multi lot subdivision or development permit, the City may require the applicant to enter into a Development Agreement with the City. Development Agreements are coordinated through the Engineering Department. The Development Agreement identifies issues that must be addressed before a plan of subdivision will be endorsed. 

When an applicant applies for a development agreement and submits the appropriate fee, Administration will start the process for working on the development agreement and at that time, engineering will start reviewing the civil drawings. Once the civil drawings are approved the City will start a 10 working day internal circulation process of the draft development agreement.

Once the development agreement is ready to be reviewed by the applicant, Administration will send the applicant an email that will giving them 10 days to review the agreement in full.

Application for Development Agreement Request

Security Guidelines

Development Agreement Template (Category B)

Schedule “A” – Letter of Credit Requirements

Schedule “B” – Development Bond Requirements 

Schedule “D” – Other Municipality Reference Form

Schedule “E” – Extension Application Form

Schedule "F" - Securities Template Form