Smoke-Free Public Places Bylaw

The City of Beaumont's Smoke-Free Public Places Bylaw has been updated to include electronic smoking and limit residents’ exposure to second-hand smoke in public.

The updated bylaw prohibits smoking in public areas including playgrounds, parks, seasonal skating rinks, skate parks, sport fields, trails, campgrounds, restaurant patios, within all buildings other than residences, at outdoor public events, and in public vehicles such as a bus or taxi.

The new bylaw goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

Smoking is still prohibited within 6 metres of doorways, windows and air intakes and in some designated areas.

Second-hand smoke

According to Health Canada, second-hand smoke is especially dangerous for children because their lungs are still developing. Their immune system can be damaged by second-hand smoke toxins and put them at increased health risk for asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis. Healthy, non-smoking adults are also at increased risk for health problems when they breathe second-hand smoke.

Electronic smoking devices

The bylaw has also been updated to include using an electronic smoking device such as a vaporizer or e-cigarette for tobacco or other product. According to Health Canada, vaping liquids can contain glycerol, flavours, propylene glycol and varying levels of nicotine. While, the full effects are still being researched second-hand vapour is not harmless and does present health risks to non-users and youth.

Smoking is allowedSmoking is prohibited
  • At a place of residence or a temporary residence;
  • in a private vehicle when a minor is not present;
  • beyond 6 metres of a doorway, window or air intake of a building;
  • as a resident or patient of a group living facility that is designated as a smoking room; and
  • in a guest room of a hotel if the room is designated as a smoking room.

  • Within a building, other than a residence or a temporary residence;
  • on the grounds of an outdoor public event, except in an area specifically reserved for smoking;
  • in a campground, on a patio, inside a public vehicle, at a playground;
  • in an open space, in any park, seasonal skating rink, or skate park;
  • at a sports field; and
  • on city trails.