Ken Nichol Parking Lot Construction

Project Overview

Construction will take place on the north half of the Ken Nichols parking lot adjacent to the Beaumont Child Care Facility. The purpose of this project is to lessen the steep grades affecting the Beaumont transit and to repair the asphalt on the north half of the parking lot.

Construction fences will be erected to delineate safe access to and from the Beaumont Child Care Facility.

Beaumont transit will also be re-routed in order to complete construction in a safe and proper manner.

Tentative Construction Timeline: August 2019-September 2019

With any construction, there are always challenges, and this is amplified when construction takes place in established neighbourhoods.  It is never the intention of Beaumont or the contractor to cause any inconvenience.

CITY OF BEAUMONT - Project Manager
Questions or concerns regarding construction
Alvaro Soto
Direct - 780-929-4304
Email -

Park Aid will be completing construction scheduled for your area. Employees will be wearing clearly marked clothing.