Government Roles

Federal Role

The Government of Canada is responsible for cannabis production, sale, possession and medical cannabis regulations. The federal bill (Bill C-45) regulates cannabis and sets the standards for:

  • Health and safety
  • Illegal or criminal actions
  • Provincial responsibility for cannabis regulation
  • Visit the Government of Canada website for more information on the federal legalization and regulation of cannabis.

Provincial Role

The Government of Alberta responds to the federal legislation.

  • Albertans shared their feedback on cannabis legalization in Alberta through public engagement in 2017.
  • Alberta’s framework and legislation outline the legal and responsible use of cannabis by Albertans. Alberta’s plan includes possession and consumption limitations, workplace safety and distribution (both retail and wholesale).
  • Alberta’s Bill 26 provides authority for the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission the oversight and compliance functions, as well as manage the distribution of cannabis; carry out public online sales and to license privately owned and operated cannabis stores; establish provincial offences related to youth possession, public consumption and consumption of cannabis in vehicles.
  • Alberta passed Bill 29 to update impaired driving offences and sanctions to include drug-impaired driving.
  • Visit the Government of Alberta website for more information on Alberta’s approach to Cannabis legalization.

Beaumont's Role

The federal and provincial governments are determining the roles and responsibilities of municipalities in cannabis legalization.

Municipalities, including Beaumont, still require details and further clarification from the federal and provincial government, in areas such as public health and education, law enforcement, taxation revenue distribution and facility access. Beaumont may need to create or change various services, policies and bylaws to accommodate legalization.

Beaumont passed Beaumont Cannabis Consumption Bylaw 929-18 to regulate and control the consumption of Cannabis in Beaumont.

Government Roles



Possession limits **tick


Advertisement & packaging **tick

Impaired drivingticktick
Medical cannabistick

Seed-to-sale tracking systemtick

Production (cultivation and processing)tick

Age limit (federal minimum) **tick

Public healthticktick
Home cultivation (growing plants at home) **tick

Workplace safety
Distribution and wholesaling
Retail model
Retail location and rules
Regulatory complianceticktick
Public consumption
Land use/zoning


**provinces will have the ability to strengthen legislation for these areas under federal jurisdiction

Table Source: Cannabis legalization in Canada