MDP Submission to CRB

MDP Submission to the Capital Region Board - September 15, 2017

Our submission:

Beaumont developed a new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and took it to the Capital Region Board (CRB) on Thursday, September 14 for review and acceptance by the Board.  Our MDP lays out the growth plan for Beaumont for the next 25+ years.  With a CRB membership of 24 municipalities, we were encouraged to receive 18 votes supporting our MDP but regrettably success is based upon the percentage of population and not the number of votes.  With the City of Edmonton and five other municipalities voting against our plan, we were asked to go back and revise our MDP to address a servicing concern that was brought forward by the City of Edmonton.   The land in question is part of the 21 quarter sections that Beaumont successfully annexed from Leduc County, effective Jan. 1, 2017.

We know our new Municipal Development Plan is an excellent plan that exceeds the requirements of the Capital Region Growth plan and the new Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan. We are respectful of the decision that the Board has made but we are disappointed with the outcome. 

Next steps:

Beaumont is moving ahead with an interim solution that will provide certainty for developers, builders and landowners. Going forward, we will revisit our options and work together with our regional partners to create a plan that meets the needs of Beaumont and that supports further regional cooperation.

Our goal is to continue working with the CRB member communities to build a strong and resilient region. Together, we can achieve seamless municipal boundaries through shared services, efficient infrastructure, and cooperative planning.

Further work on issue will be in the hands of the new Mayor and council after the October 16 municipal election. 

To clarify:

Global TV reported that Edmonton was granted the nine quarter sections north of TWP510. The report was inaccurate and was not part of the decision made at the Capital Region Board Meeting.