GIS Maps & Data

Beaumont maintains a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) and provides various GIS products to staff, other government agencies, consultants, and public. Maps are available in interactive and digital PDF formats. Beaumont sells GIS data (Address Points, Streets Data, and Aerial Photographs) on as it status. Please contact Beaumont's Administration Office for more information.

Digital Maps (PDF)

Beaumont Address Map

Address map icon

Neighbourhood Map

neighbourhood map

Parks, Trails and Recreation Facilities

parks trails map

City Buildings, Churches And Schools Map

town building church and school map

Air Photo 2019

2019 Aerial_Image_Beaumont_36x36

Interactive Maps

Construction Projects

Construction Projects

Printed Maps & Digital Data

Some digital data and printed maps are available to purchase on request. For details of the available products and relevant fees, check the Maps and Digital data Fees List.

Printed maps can be purchased at the Beaumont Administration Office front desk. For digital data inquiries, send an email with the details of the intended use of the data, and the company/contact information.