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Birthday Party 366x257
Pool Friends 366x257

Birthday Parties

 Pool Party  
  • 25 guests
  • Includes 1 hour in the pool
  • No time in the room

 $20.00  Additional 30 minutes in pool
 Not Available
 Additional 30 minutes in room
 $20.00  Additional 20 guests

 *Note: Party Rentals are not exclusive

Please contact Guest Services at 780-929-7946 to book your Party today! If you need to cancel or change a booking, please contact the Aqua-Fit Centre 7 days prior to the confirmed booking date and time.


Multi-Purpose Room Only: Adult Rate Not Available
Multi-Purpose Room Only: Youth Rate Not Available
Multi-Purpose Room Only: Day Rate Not Available
Lane Rental
Non-Prime Time:
M-F: 5am-9am / 2:30pm-4pm / 7:30pm-10pm
Sat: 6am-9am / 3pm-9pm
Sun: 7am-12pm
$14.10/Hour Prime Time
$9.87/Hour Non-Prime Time
Parking Lot Rental Not Available

Prices subject to 2018 Budget approval.

Swimming Lane 366x257
Multipurpose Room 366x257
Parking Lot 366x257