Our Proposal

Beaumont has updated 2 reports that support the Annexation Application. The updates were made to address concerns that were raised during the consultation and mediated discussions with Leduc County:


After considering it projected growth potential over the next 50 years, Beaumont has initiated the process to annex land from Leduc County. Beaumont proposes to annex 21 quarter sections of land from the County.
Map of Newly Annexed Area

Beaumont Growth Principles

  1. An adequate and appropriate supply of land for residential and non-residential (commercial and industrial uses) must be available to accommodate anticipated future populations and economic growth.
  2. Municipal lands must be planned and developed in a logically staged fashion that optimizes (minimizes) municipal footprint and investment in supporting capital infrastructure and in future operating / service delivery costs.
  3. Municipal lands must be planned and developed in a fashion that minimizes their impact on the natural environment, preserves critical environmental areas and improves the community's quality of life through the preservation of open spaces.
  4. Urban development needs to consider the regional land use principles and policies as established by the Capital Region Growth Plan.
  5. Urban development should strive to align to the Key Focus Areas of the Strategic Plan.
  6. Beaumont's economic base must be stable and able to support provision of municipal infrastructure and services.
  7. Beaumont will provide an opportunity to live, work, play and invest in the community.
  8. The relationship of Beaumont to the surrounding Capital Region should be one of mutual respect.
  9. Beaumont taxes must be applied fairly, consistently and equitably to all taxpayers to balance the needs and wants of the community.