As of January 1, 2017 Beaumont has been successful with its proposal to annex 21 quarter sections of land. Annexation is the act of transferring land from one municipality into another municipality.  This is not taking ownership of this land; it is just a change in jurisdiction.

To learn more about the annexation process, please read:
We are pleased to learn that our carefully-planned and researched annexation proposal was deemed to be in the best interests of Beaumont and the region and we are happy with the outcome.

Our commitment to continue working with our neighboring communities in the region remains high and we look forward to a transition whereby residents’ interests are kept at the forefront.

For the residents of Beaumont, this announcement will ensure our community can diversify its tax base and continue to provide quality programs and services to residents moving forward.

Beaumont Growth Annexation Actions and Timelines - 2017

Map of Newly Annexed Area