Statutory & Outline Plans

Our Centre-Ville Area Redevelopment Plan

Our Centre-Ville Area Redevelopment Plan is a statutory plan that sets out a clear vision, supported by principles and policy directions to encourage and guide development and redevelopment in the Centre-Ville area over the next 25+ years, with a focus on implementation. 

Our Centre-Ville proposes urban design strategies, land use concepts and policies through four different precincts within Centre-Ville: Civic and Institutional Precinct, Downtown Core Precinct, Residential Infill Precinct, and Cultural Heritage Precinct. Each precinct offers a distinct character and a focused theme regarding land use and built form while allowing a diversity of development opportunities such as civic, institutional, residential, commercial and cultural amenities and uses throughout the plan area.

Municipal Development Plan

The Province of Alberta, through the Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires all municipalities to have a Municipal Development Plan, which is a high level planning document that sets forth future land use for the municipality. 

Area Structure Plans

An Area Structure Plan is a statutory plan that provides a framework for development and growth in a specific area of land.

Neighbourhood Structure Plans

A Neighbourhood Structure Plan provides a more detailed framework for development and growth in a specific area of land and must comply with the higher order Area Structure Plan.

Make an Application

To make an application for a new Area Structure Plan or amend an existing Plan, contact Planning for a Pre-Application meeting at Afterwards, download and complete the New Plan and Plan Amendment Application Package.