50 Avenue Streetscape

50 Avenue is a critical corridor in Beaumont. Enhancement of 50 Avenue will shift its priority from vehicle-first to a pedestrian-friendly environment to supporting existing business and redevelopment activities. This project will enhance the image of Beaumont’s downtown core.

Project Phase

  • Phase 1 (2016-2017) – 50 Avenue Streetscape design to 60 per cent
  • Phase 2 (2020) – Design to 100 per cent, shallow utility relocation work and lane rebuilt east of Bellevue School
  • Phase 3 (tentative 2021) – Road and sidewalk construction

Project Goals

The specific goals of the 50 Avenue Streetscape are to:

  • foster a cultural space
  • attract and support business opportunities
  • shift road priority to a pedestrian-friendly environment
  • promote safe pedestrian access and movement
  • enhance the image of downtown Beaumont
  • support redevelopment.

Phase 2  (2020):

Project limits are 50 Avenue between 50 Street and 55 Street:
2020 Project Area

  • Complete detail design and have the project ready for streetscape construction for 2021
  • Ensure all shallow utilities are no longer in conflict with streetscape design
  • Rebuild lane east of Bellevue school and relocate schools bus loop to upgraded lane

Recent Activities

  • Budget has been approved for Phase 2 of this project
  • Finalization of detailed design has started

Next Steps

  • Stakeholder engagement with adjacent landowners (April - May)
  • Relocate shallow utilities (June - September)
  • Lane east of the school reconstruction (June - August)
  • Relocate crosswalk to east side of lane (June - August)

Activities Completed

Phase 1

  • The City of Beaumont hired ISL Engineering to complete a 60 per cent streetscape design on 50 Avenue between 49 Street to 55 Street
  • The City and ISL completed stakeholder engagements with Adjacent Landowners, General Public and Shallow Utility Companies (Fortis, Alta Gas, Telus, Shaw)
  • ISL built a 3D model and flyover of the project
  • Easements were acquired for shallow utilities relocation in order to complete future construction actives

Beaumont, Alberta: 50th Avenue Streetscape