Building Inspections


Building Inspection ensures there is compliance with the Safety Codes Act and all related Building Codes, Standards and applicable Bylaws.

New Home - Inspection Stages

It is the responsibility of the property owner, builder or contractor to contact the Beaumont Administration Office to arrange for applicable inspections. A minimum of 72 hours notice is required for inspections, email Building Inspections to book your inspections unless otherwise indicated:

STAGE 1       Sidewalks, curb and gutter inspections must take place prior to construction
                      Contact Public Works at 780-929-4300

STAGE 2      Service Connection Inspection - Part 1 (Water, sewer installation)  Before any work or inspection is to take place a permit must be granted:

STAGE 3      Foundation and weeping tile inspection
                      Prior to backfilling email Building Inspections

STAGE 3A    Service Connection Inspection - Part 2 (storm installation).  Will be inspected up to              foundation wall, including riser.

STAGE 4       Framing inspection (HVAC inspection done at the framing or insulation stage)
                     Prior to insulating email Building Inspections

STAGE 5       Insulation inspection  (addition inspections may be required i.e. basement, etc)
                      Prior to drywalling email Building Inspections

STAGE 6      Garage insulation inspection
                      Prior to drywalling email Building Inspections
                    Hydronic heating rough in
                      Prior to pouring concrete floor or covering contact email Building Inspections

STAGE 6A Book your water meter installation:
Book final electrical, plumbing & gas inspections:  Superior Safety Codes 780-489-4777

       Final Inspection completed prior to moving in. 
  email Building Inspections
                    Also ensure:
- water meter installed:    
- electrical/plumbing/gas permits closed Superior Safety Codes 780-489-4777

STAGE 8       Permit Services Report - occupancy granted when this final report is 
                      issued by the City of Beaumont
STAGE 9       Lot Grading Inspection

Basement Development - Information & Inspections - PDF

Reinspection Fee


  • First occurrence on the property: $250 plus GST
  • Subsequent occurrence on the same property: $500 plus GST
  • For more information view the Fees and Charges

Other Inspections - Underground, Electrical, Gas & Plumbing

Superior Safety Codes is contracted by Beaumont to provide underground electrical, electrical, plumbing, and gas permitting, and inspections. Please contact Superior Safety Codes by phone at 780-489-4777 to obtain permits and arrange for inspections.