Future Transit Service

Beaumont's commuter transit service will begin operating in September 2017 and will operate at peak morning and afternoon times from Beaumont to Century Park, and back.

Beaumont is a growing community and having a commuter transit service is the first step in ensuring full mobility for students, workers and residents of all ages. Transit provides a safe and efficient transportation alternative for all resident of Beaumont and for those who commute to Beaumont for work.

Tax Increase

The tax increase to the average single family residence in Beaumont for the transit service will be $2.15 per month.

Questions & Answers

For information about the transit service, please read the Transit FAQ (PDF).

Project Timeline

For information on the steps that have been taken to date, read the Transit Timeline (PDF). To read about the communications that has taken place regarding transit since 2010, please read the Transit Communications Timeline (PDF).

For more information, please contact the Director of Infrastructure by email or at 780-929-4306, or read the interactive Transit Communications Timeline document.