18. How will changing to city status improve economic development opportunities?
As part of Edmonton’s International Region, Beaumont is currently marketed nationally and internationally as part of the Leduc Nisku Economic Development Association. Having city status might draw additional interest from regional, provincial, national and international businesses. The only other city in the Leduc region is the City of Leduc.

Beaumont could market itself as Alberta’s newest city, a tactic that is currently being used successfully by Chestermere.

Being a city, combined with our recent successful annexation and the fact that we are Canada’s 5th fastest growing community, will attract more non-residential and residential development. Non-residential development will bring in proportionally more taxes to help pay for the amenities residents want and need while not causing undue pressures on residential taxes.

Remaining a town will not inhibit growth. People will continue to move here because it is their right to do so if they wish. Besides, who wouldn’t want to move to Beaumont? Projections indicate our population will exceed 40,000 people by 2040.

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18. 18. How will changing to city status improve economic development opportunities?