07. I like Beaumont’s small town feel. Will that change?
Beaumont’s small town feel is a direct result of the kindness and caring exhibited by the people who live here. It stems from the little things that, together, show our better side. It’s being on the lookout for your neighbours. It’s the numerous thank-you posts online. It’s buying a coffee for the person behind you at the local coffee shop. It’s about being involved in the community. It is driven by our French Village Design guidelines and a focus on building a community identity. It is not a result of city or town status and there is no reason to believe that Beaumont’s charm will change if we become a city.

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1. 01. Why should Beaumont become a city?
2. 02. Why should Beaumont remain a town?
3. 03. What about my property taxes? Will they increase if we become a city?
4. 04. Have other communities seen an increase in economic development when they became a city?
5. 05. Will Beaumont receive more or less grant funding if we become a city?
6. 06. What about safety?
7. 07. I like Beaumont’s small town feel. Will that change?
8. 08. How does the recent annexation affect Beaumont’s municipal status?
9. 09. What about Edmonton? Will they annex the land north of TWP510?
10. 10. How will becoming a city affect transportation?
11. 11. It seems like becoming a city is a matter of perception.
12. 12. What about becoming a specialized municipality like Sherwood Park or Fort McMurray?
13. 13. When will Beaumont become a city?
14. 14. How much will it cost to become a city?
15. 15. What about rebranding? Will that cost money?
16. 16. Why does Beaumont need to rebrand?
17. 17. What about policing costs? Will they rise if we become a city?
18. 18. How will changing to city status improve economic development opportunities?