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On March 15 and 23 Beaumont hosted a conference to collect feedback on the draft Municipal Development Plan policies. If you were unable to attend you can still participate by downloading the Our Complete Community Workbook. This is a fillable document you may complete when it is convenient for you. Simply fill out the sections you are interested in and e-mail: ourbeaumont@beaumont.ab.ca before March 27, 2017.

You will still have the opportunity to view the draft plan and provide additional feedback at an upcoming Open House, details below.

The draft Municipal Development Plan - Our Complete Community

Together, with residents and stakeholders, we have been hard at work since the beginning of 2016 to update our Municipal Development Plan and create a new Transportation Master Plan to guide our community's growth over the next 30 years.  We are pleased to inform you that the draft plan that we created together is available for review and comment.

The draft Municipal Development Plan – Our Complete Community

Our Complete Community is our plan to guide the future growth and development for the community over the next 30 years. Our Complete Community celebrates our local context and incorporates successful community building practices to plan growth in a responsible way, both within the community and regionally. 

We want your feedback on the draft Municipal Development Plan to ensure the plan reflects the values of the community. Comments can be submitted by e-mail to the project team at ourbeaumont@beaumont.ab.ca

The Municipal Development Plan is intended to be presented to Council on April 25, 2017 for first reading. 

Tentative Next Steps:

  • Hold a come and go Open House at the Town Office on April 12 and 13.
  • Finalize the draft of the Municipal Development Plan (including goals, objectives and policies)
  • Present the plan to Council for First Reading on April 25, 2017
  • Present the plan for Public Hearing and Second Reading
  • Submit the plan to the Capital Region Board for their approval
  • Bring the plan back for Third Reading after Capital Region Board approval is received
Project Timeline

Recent Engagement Events

Beaumont hosted a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Engagement Event on November 17, 2016. Three main topics were discussed; Active Living, Travel Speeds, and Vehicular Travel. The full presentation can be viewed here:  TMP Engagement Event Presentation 

The summary of feedback collected is here: TMP Engagement Summary  and the evaluation summary here:
TMP Evaluation Summary 

What is a Municipal Development Plan?

A Municipal Development Plan is a statutory planning document that sets out a clear vision for a community’s future and serves as an important decision-making tool for Councils, Administrations and all stakeholders. It’s the primary document that guides the future development and growth for the entire community.

Municipalities with a population over 3,500 are required to adopt a Municipal Development Plan that reflects the Provincial Land Use Policies (soon to be the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan) and Section 617 (Purpose of Part 17) of the Municipal Government Act.The MDP is reviewed and updated every 5 to 10 years. Beaumont’s current MDP was developed in 1998 and was last amended in 2009 prior to the annexation project. The MDP outlines policies to accommodate growth while balancing land use priorities with cultural, social, environmental and economic considerations. An MDP addresses several issues, including future land use, future development, transportation and municipal services. In addition, the process will consider whether a majority of residents want Beaumont to pursue city status or remain a town. Stantec Consulting has been retained to help guide development of the MDP. The year-long process will include several opportunities for residents to have input on the discussion.

Transportation Master Plan

A Transportation Master Plan creates and implements a long-term strategy to guide the planning, development, renewal and maintenance of a multi-modal transportation system (i.e. to support walking, cycling, and driving) in a manner that is consistent with our collective needs, and aligned with the Town's growth and the overall vision set out in the Municipal Development Plan.

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Sending Comments

If you want to send comments to us directly, and to get on our mailing list, send an email to Our Beaumont.